What is it with these people?

2014-05-11 16:03:42 by jeffkiller

Two noobs are comenting on how bad my art are.There's nothing wrong with my art.The noobs are "coolman2003" and Coldsausage.


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2014-05-11 20:48:57

maybe they don't like your art

jeffkiller responds:



2014-05-12 18:51:26

How can I be a noob? Tell me please? I been on newgrounds since 2010, You want proof?
Here you go, That's my old account, You really should stop calling people noobs, You don't know what noob is, And my drawings and animations got better so how the fuck can I be A noob??? You must be a noob because of the looks of your arts and plus you join last year on newgrounds, That shows you how pathetic you are to people saying "WRONG GUN" and "NOOBS" So please, Don't be a cheeky bastard to people and me.


2014-05-12 21:12:56

Also I'm friends with coolman2003 now, because he is cool.

jeffkiller responds:

I see


2014-05-14 05:07:43

So yeah, Just please don't call people noobs and trolls etc that'll make you feel worse and rude, but saying that I such a rude person as well because of you art I made fun of, I'm sorry if I did that. :T